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What others say about "Introduction to Bird Songs and Sounds"

"This is the best introduction to bird songs I have seen. The display of the moving line across the spectrogram while the song plays is especially helpful."
Jules Evens, naturalist, educator, and researcher at Avocet Research Associates, Pt. Reyes Station, California

"I continue to enjoy this user friendly course. Not only does it reinforce my ability to identify birds songs in the field, it also enhances my overall birding experience. Thanks for such a great product!"

Kerstin Jones, Pacific Grove, California

"I enjoy this course very much. I could learn with a CD, of course, but perhaps because I'm online a lot anyway I like the immediacy of the online course. I found that the best way to use the course is to go out in the field, listen for calls that are new to me, sketch or remember the sound, then go back online to get some possible identifications, then go back to the field."

Kathleen Tandy, Oakland, California

"As a ‘non-birder’, Hearbirds.com has added a new dimension to the experience of being outdoors, whether in my backyard, hiking in the woods, or walking along the shoreline: I listen."

Nancy Whitley, Richmond, California

"I am finding this course extremely useful. I am a docent at Point Lobos State Reserve and many times while serving find myself in a stationary position able to hear but not always able to see the birds. Also, when leading public walks I am able to bring awareness of bird songs to the public. This is a tremendous tool."

Kerstin Jones, Pacific Grove, California

"I am enjoying the New and Improved version of your online bird course. The songs are very typical and clear. I also like the quizzes you have added. Thank you."

Jean, San Francisco, California

"Viewing sonograms while playing the songs is very useful. It is also helpful to play songs slowly which allows you to hear parts of the song that are not apparent at normal speed. The course is innovative, and graphically beautiful."

Paul Matzner, Former Curator, California Library of Natural Sounds at the Oakland Museum of California;  Co-founder of the Nature Sounds Society
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