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Acknowledgments - sounds

Acknowledgments - images

Acknowledgments for sounds and help getting started

Here are some of the organizations and individuals we want to acknowledge and thank.

Thanks to the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology which provided a workshop on natural sound recording, taught by Greg Budney. Also, the Lab developed the software used to create our spectrograms (CANARY 1.2.4, The Cornell Bioacoustics Workstation). Here is a link to the Lab.

Thanks to John Feith, of Madison, Wisconsin who gave us permission to use his bird sound recordings. His material is available on a recommended CD for song learning available at www.caculo.com. He also offers a virtual birding experience on DVD.  

The National Audubon Society and its local chapters are a great resource to learn about nature and meet like minded people. Here is a link to Audubon's site.

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